Landscape Management Services

Landscape Management Services

We provide weekly visits to manage your landscape.

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At Caple Landscape, we strive to provide the best maintenance services in SWFL. We are an all-inclusive landscape maintenance company that ensures your landscape looks incredible 365 days a year.

Weekly mowing during the growing season and bi-weekly during the off-growing season is always performed at the proper height for appropriate turf care. This includes the correct times to achieve the best overall health and look for your yard. We keep all parameters in mind, sharp blades at all times, thoughtful of weather, mowing in straight and overlapping lines, and avoiding repeating patterns to avoid ruts. After every cut, we blow all clippings away from buildings, sidewalks, and streets. We specialize in all types of sod, including but not limited to St Augustine Floratam and Empire Zoysia.

Edging is a necessary element of our weekly maintenance. We edge on a vertical path to ensure beds are always left clean when we are done. Hardscape edging is performed with each cutting, and landscape bed edging is performed on every other cutting to prevent bed stretching and to keep a tidy appearance.

Pruning for plant materials consists of monthly shearing of all hedge materials during growing months and as necessary during off-season growing. Flowering materials are pruned by hand a minimum of two times per year to promote the highest order of health and blooming seasons. This includes annual cutbacks to provide new growth. We strive to provide the best care and health to showcase all materials year-round. We have knowledgeable members on our trim crews to keep up with your trimming needs.

Tree care provided by Caple Landscape Management include Hardwood tree canopies that are reachable from the ground with a pole saw. More extensive hardwood trimming requires a licensed tree subcontractor. Non-clumping palms such as Queens, Foxtails, and Christmas palms that are reachable from the ground with a pole saw are also included in our service contracts. One of our subcontracted licensed tree experts will complete additional tree trimming or removal.

Fertilization is key to our maintenance program. Maintaining materials and turf at their healthiest is imperative to provide the best sustainability and color. We use a special blend of fertilizer that is curated to the specific needs of your landscape. Caple Landscape Management only uses high-quality, long-lasting materials on our properties. Proper application is vital to fertilization, including even distribution and following the manufacturer's recommended rates. We have knowledgeable employees trained to prevent any staining or discoloring of hard surfaces from fertilizer.

Weed control is just as essential to provide an outstanding landscape appearance. We treat all turf areas a minimum of two times per year for broadleaf weeds, scheduled during appropriate weather-related times of the year. Landscape beds are treated a minimum of one time per month with herbicides. These beds are also checked manually on a weekly service basis to prevent any further growth of weeds. Paver and other hard service areas are treated with herbicides monthly to provide a clean appearance year round.

Insect and disease control provided by Caple Landscape Management is to prevent anything from attacking your plants, shrubs, and turf. We treat to cure and prevent any harmful disease and pest in SWFL. Our maintenance crew members are trained in identifying and reporting these problems to our Spray division for treatment while performing their weekly services. Our spray team consists of licensed professionals that perform all treatments.

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